The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Laundry Sheets: Answering Your Burning Questions


Laundry Sheets

In recent years, eco-conscious consumers have been on the lookout for sustainable alternatives to everyday products, and laundry is no exception. Enter eco-friendly laundry sheets – a revolutionary solution to both washing clothes effectively and reducing environmental impact. However, with innovation comes curiosity, and many consumers have questions about these eco-friendly alternatives. In this guide, we'll delve into the frequently asked questions surrounding eco-friendly laundry sheets, providing you with the answers you need to make informed choices for a greener laundry routine. What are eco-friendly laundry sheets, and how do they work? Eco-friendly laundry sheets are compact, pre-measured sheets designed...

4 Essential Benefits of Bathroom Eco Savers for a Greener Lifestyle


Eco-friendly bathroom products for a plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle
Embracing bathroom eco savers is more than just a practical choice; it's a crucial step toward addressing the ongoing waste crisis. These sustainable solutions are an essential part of your journey toward a plastic-free lifestyle. 

The Dark Side of Temu's Success: Environmental Consequences of Fast Fashion


The Dark Side of Temu's Success: Environmental Consequences of Fast Fashion - Shop No Plastic

Introduction In 2023, Temu secured the coveted title of "Fast-Retailer of the Year" and dominated the charts as the most downloaded iOS app in the United States for a significant portion of the year. This accomplishment undoubtedly reflects its popularity and the convenience it offers to fashion-conscious consumers. However, beneath the glittering facade of Temu's success lies a darker reality that warrants serious consideration—the environmental impact of its rapid rise in the fashion industry.  The Fast Fashion Phenomenon Fast fashion has become synonymous with the modern consumer landscape, characterized by quick turnover of trendy clothing items at affordable prices. Temu,...

A Beginner’s Guide to Eco Swaps 2023


Reusable Straws

When it comes to sustainable living, one of the best places to start is by making eco swaps in your everyday life. Not only will this help reduce your ecological footprint, it can also help you save money in the long run. Here are some tips to get started: When it comes to climate change, every little bit helps. By making eco swaps in your everyday life, you can do your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to save the planet. Here are some of the most common non-eco items and their impact on the environment: Every year,...

How to Set Up a Zero-Waste System in Your Home


Woman sorting waste

A zero-waste system may sound quite daunting. After all, waste just keeps on accumulating, right? Well, the term might seem like it is hard to achieve, but it actually isn’t. All you need is a little dedication and you will be able to reap its numerous benefits. A zero-waste system, as the name implies, means having a lifestyle where you are fully committed to producing little to no waste at all. Implementing a zero-waste system in your home can not only enhance your lifestyle but also help you cut back on unnecessary expenditure. There are several ways of introducing a...

5 Ideas for Kitchen Eco Savers in 2023


5 Ideas for Kitchen Eco Savers in 2023 - Shop NO Plastic

Aren’t you just about done with accumulating all that waste in your kitchen? From plastic cups to bottles to single-use items, it seems as if waste just keeps piling on. If this sounds familiar, why not switch to kitchen eco savers? Not only do they reduce waste, they are excellent for saving time and money. Here are some ideas for kitchen eco savers that you absolutely need to have in your house.   Vegan Wax Wrap  Vegan wax wrap are the hottest trend in making your kitchen completely eco-friendly. They are a fantastic replacement to single-use clingfilm and tin foil....

How To Care For Your Clothing More Sustainably


How To Care For Your Clothing More Sustainably - Shop NO Plastic

Adopt a friendlier and more sustainable laundry routine with our top tips. Wash less - Whenever we wash our clothes, we can damage the fibres that make up the item so they won’t last as long. Think twice before throwing something in the wash. If an item just needs to be freshened up, try hanging it outside or in the bathroom while you soak. When you do wash, wash well - A lot of laundry products contain harsh chemicals that damage your clothes and pollute waterways. Ever found that your clothes start to get a bit itchy? That might be...

What is The Difference Between Being Zero-Waste and Eco-Friendly?


What is The Difference Between Being Zero-Waste and Eco-Friendly? - Shop NO Plastic

There are a lot of similarities between going zero-waste and eco-friendly, yet there are not the same. Some people often mix these two terms up. Read on to find out the difference between being zero-waste and eco-friendly. Zero-Waste Being zero-waste actually has a somewhat narrower scope, that is, eliminating waste. The aim of going zero-waste is to make landfills obsolete. Yes, completely obsolete. Sounds good, right? When going zero-waste, there are several aspects that need to be considered, for example, the design of a product and creating a “cradle to cradle” system. This system is based on the idea that...

How to Get the Most Out of Menstrual Cups and Reusable Pads


A menstrual cup is a small silicone cup that is inserted into your vagina to catch and collect period blood. Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, and they can be reused for years. Reusable pads, as the name indicates, are pads that can be used more than once. They are made of a variety of materials including cloth, bamboo, and even wool. Like menstrual cups, they come in different sizes and shapes to fit your body and your flow.   The Right Shape and Size Choose the right size and shape. Menstrual cups...

5 Tips for an Eco Friendly Christmas


5 Tips for an Eco Friendly Christmas - Shop NO Plastic

Although Christmas is a magical time of the year, it's also one of the most wasteful. In fact, the UK is estimated to be 30% more wasteful over the festive period, with more than 100 million bags of rubbish being sent to landfill, according to the GWP group. However, with a little effort it is possible to enjoy a more mindful and conscious Christmas, which is great for you, the planet, and your wallet with a few simple swaps. 1. Invest in a reusable Advent Calendar I bought a fabric advent calendar over 27 years ago, when my son was a...

What Does “Being Eco-Conscious” Mean?


You might have seen the term “eco-conscious” being thrown around quite a lot, especially since Dubai Expo 2020. Everyone seems to have a rough idea of what being eco-conscious means, but when you get down to its nitty-gritty, you will find most people scratching their heads and coming up with vague answers. When asked to explain, people shuffle between the words “green", ”sustainable”, and “eco-friendly.” You will hear some general ideas about how we should save our planet by replacing plastic bottles and cups with organic materials. These might seem like fine solutions, but are quite superficial. This is where...

Sustainable Living in 2023 | Part 3


Sustainable Living in 2023 | Part 3 - Shop NO Plastic

This blog aims to provide a little inspiration on how you can minimise your impact on the environment, adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and maybe even save a few pennies in the process.   Start good habits young and protect your child from the nasty chemicals hiding in typical baby products!  The Sustainable Baby For many, the environmental impact of items purchased for the baby is not the top priority when a small human shows up in their house. Cost is frequently the number one concern for young families and single parents in particular. With that in mind it’s worth noting that...

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