5 Ideas for Kitchen Eco Savers in 2023 - Shop NO Plastic
Aren’t you just about done with accumulating all that waste in your kitchen?
From plastic cups to bottles to single-use items, it seems as if waste just keeps piling on. If this sounds familiar, why not switch to kitchen eco savers? Not only do they reduce waste, they are excellent for saving time and money.
Here are some ideas for kitchen eco savers that you absolutely need to have in your house.

Vegan Wax Wrap 

Vegan wax wrap are the hottest trend in making your kitchen completely eco-friendly. They are a fantastic replacement to single-use clingfilm and tin foil. These particular wrap rolls are made with soybean wax which makes them naturally waterproof. They make for amazing kitchen eco savers and should be on everyone’s list!
Soybean wax is also a superb natural antibacterial material. You can use it for sandwich wraps and other food items that require preservation from the environment. Because of its waterproof abilities, there is no chance of any moisture getting on the food. This ensures maximum and long-lasting protection and keeps your food fresh all the way. 

Silicone Baking Mat

Do you keep running out of tin foil? Well, now you don’t have to! The silicone baking mat is the perfect kitchen eco saver. Since it is highly reusable, you will never run out of it.
These baking mats are made from non-stick food-grade silicone and are ideal for cooking vegetables and baking delicious food items. They have a high heat resistance and can tolerate heat up to 230 degrees easily. Because of their shape and sizes, they can cover almost all the baking trays out there.
Last but not least, you can easily wash these using soap, water, and a cloth, and they will be good as new.

Bamboo Pot Scrubbers

If you want to go zero-waste in your kitchen, these bamboo pot scrubbers are a must-have. The set is completely plastic-free and is made from natural materials like bamboo and sisal. Not only is it biodegradable, but you can also compost them and recycle them, three qualities that are necessary for any kitchen eco saver.
The bamboo pot brushes are super effective in removing even the toughest grease stains. You can also use them for cleaning vegetables like potatoes.
Pot Scrubber

Copper Scourers

For removing dirt and grease stains, there is hardly any better option than using a copper scourer. Copper, being a softer metal than others, has a gentle yet excellent effect on removing stains.
These copper scourers are made from long-lasting pure copper. Moreover, you can recycle it once it reaches the end of its considerable lifespan.

Silicone Food Lids

Gone are the days when the single-use plastic cling film was the only option. We can now use silicone food lids that can be used repeatedly. The mechanism of these kitchen eco savers is quite simple yet surprisingly effective.
They have a round lid that creates a suction effect whenever you put them on a food bowl. The suction makes the bowl airtight and completely leakproof. Your food will remain fresh no matter what the external conditions are.


These kitchen eco savers are simple in design but are highly useful. If you want to browse more eco-friendly products, visit our website for more information.