How To Care For Your Clothing More Sustainably - Shop NO Plastic

Adopt a friendlier and more sustainable laundry routine with our top tips.

Wash less - Whenever we wash our clothes, we can damage the fibres that make up the item so they won’t last as long. Think twice before throwing something in the wash. If an item just needs to be freshened up, try hanging it outside or in the bathroom while you soak.

When you do wash, wash well - A lot of laundry products contain harsh chemicals that damage your clothes and pollute waterways. Ever found that your clothes start to get a bit itchy? That might be because your skin is sensitive to some of the ingredients in your detergent. Consider switching to an eco-friendly option. We've got 10% OFF our TLC Laundry Sheets this week with code TLCSHEETS 🥰 Click here to view our eoc friendly Laundry Sheet range.

Follow care labels
- A garment that is washed at 40 degrees when the care label suggests 30 degrees will reduce its life expectancy. On the reverse, if something says wash at 40, it won’t do it any harm popping it into a cooler wash. 

Wash inside out and invest in a wash bag for delicates - You can protect clothes with patterns, embroidery, or designs by washing them inside out. You’ll protect these elements from getting damaged as you’ll cause less friction with other items.

Soak you sports clothes in white vinegar to remove odour -  After working up a sweat, your best bet is to soak your sports kit in cold water with a few drops of white vinegar to neutralise any odours. Always air dry your kit on the line or a clothing rack. 

Wash you jeans by hand
wash your jeans in cold water and after at least five wears. Use a mild eco-detergent as chemicals will strip the rinse quickly.  Add a few tablespoons of salt to the water the first time you clean black or indigo jeans to help set the dye.

Air drying is your friend - Whether you have outside space or not, try to air dry as much of your laundry as possible. It’s better for the planet and it’s better for improving the lifespan of your clothes. 

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