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It is estimated that over 5.5 million people in the UK use disposable razors.

It’s hardly a secret that disposable razors are wasteful, designed to be used just a few times and then thrown in the bin. Made from a mix of materials, disposable razors are difficult to recycle and therefore are destined for landfill. 
Suppose you’ve been using disposable razors and are ready to start reducing plastic in your bathroom, there are plenty of sustainable and reusable shaving products to choose from, including double-edge safety razors, epilators (personally not a great fan) and electric shavers.
Double-edge safety razors are known to be cost-effective, stylish and give a smoother shave, causing less skin irritation.


By investing in a high-quality metal or bamboo safety razor, you are sure to minimise your waste, cut costs long term and feel happy that you are reducing your carbon footprint. 

Start using an eco-friendly razor today!

Making the switch may be intimidating but here are some handy tips on how to shave with a safety razor that will leave you feeling confident and hair free in no time!

How to shave with a safety razor

  • Preparation is the key! Exfoliate your skin regularly to minimise the risk of nicking those little lumps and bumps.
  • Take your time, don’t try and shave 2 mins before you leave for work or while your kids are fighting to get in the bathroom door! 
  • Replace the plastic bottles of shaving foam or liquid, with an eco-friendly version instead. You can benefit from shaving soap with all-natural ingredients to ensure you’re not putting harmful chemicals down your drain but honestly as long as you lather well beforehand, your favourite natural soap will do just as well.
  • The trick to a nick free shave is to let the weight of the razor guide you. A safety razor is heavier than a plastic razor so there is no need to press down, just lightly hold the handle at approximately 30 degrees and let it glide over your skin while moving the razor along. Ladies, use small strokes, especially around those tricky areas like ankles, knees and armpits. Plus making sure you rinse the blade well every few strokes.
  • After use gently pat dry your razor then store it in a clean and dry spot. Plus make sure you replace the blades regularly to ensure a clean shave.  Although razor blades can’t be tossed straight into your recycling bin, you can safely collect your used blades in a tin and recycle these in one go. I use an old mint tin.
  • A post-shave balm will help combat razor bumps, and leave your skin cool and refreshed, then adding a dab of moisturiser over your skin will leave you prepped and ready for your day ahead.
  • Finally, don’t overshave. By giving hair time to grow between shaves, you should see an improvement in the condition of your skin while also reducing the number of razor blades you use each month. 

Shop No Plastic has a range of shaving products to suit both men and women.  

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