The 6R's to reducing waste - Shop NO Plastic

I have found that one of the easiest ways to get started or even deepen the journey to reduce waste is to be guided by the 6 Rs:

Refusing will help you eliminate a lot of waste and make the journey easier to manage. It's simply about saying no and looking into reusable alternatives.

Reduce what you're purchasing by being mindful about what you really need and what you want.

Reuse and Repair go hand in hand. When you're deciding whether to dispose of something, ask yourself if you can find a way to reuse or repair it.

Here’s a checklist of our must-have reusables:

Rot is an easy step regardless of where you live. If you don't have the ability for a compost heap in your garden, look into opportunities in your community or pick up an indoor compost bin.  

Recycling should be the last option in reducing your remaining landfill contributions. Check with your local council on what to recycle and see if any Terracycle ambassadors operate locally.

And don't forget to give yourself credit for your efforts no matter how small they may seem, take the slip ups in your stride, and just keep doing what you can where you can because every effort you make really does make a difference.

By incorporating these 6Rs into your daily habits today, you can help make our planet a better place for the future :)