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The Personal Barber Shaving Brush | Resin | Vegan


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This beautiful shaving brush has been made from high quality deep brown resin with contrasting flecks and stripes of light that give it a sophisticated finish.

Topped and bottomed with gleaming chrome to give it that premium quality and a bit of added weight so it sits nicely in the hand.

The bristles are made from the highest quality synthetic fibres that are coloured in a 3-tone effect to resemble top quality badger hairs. Perfect for those that wish to avoid animal products without sacrificing quality.

Very soft on the skin but with enough backbone to easily generate a lather.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Made in Switzerland

Presented in a black branded gift box

About The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber started as a monthly subscription box for men showcasing the benefits of a proper shave using a single blade, high quality cream and brush.

Our philosophy:

We want to enjoy the little things

- Shaving need never be a chore again, we’re serious. The act of shaving with a safety razor quickly becomes an activity to look forward to rather than a dreaded chore. The routine of preparing your face with warm water, of lathering up the soap and then gently gliding the blade down your face. It’s calming. There is a technique to it. It requires that little touch of finesse that is simply lost on a plastic razor. Every shave is different as you master the grain of your hairs and come to know every contour of your skin. The triumphant feeling of a job well done as you can sense the smoothness.

We want quality and style

- We only send out products that meet our high quality standards and personally use ourselves. The look and feeling of holding a solid metal safety razor in your hands is simply incomparable to the mass produced plastic of a cartridge razor. The difference in quality is obvious but what might be less obvious is how this translates to a much better shave. Don’t believe the hype, adding more blades does not improve the closeness of the shave (just potentially causes more irritation). Try it out and see for yourself. What’s more, nothing says sophistication quite like manually working a soap with a brush and using it to lather up your face. 

We don’t want hassle

- The frustration that comes with running out of cartridges is palpable. Even more so because nobody ever remembers to buy a new set until it’s too late. They become dull and start tugging at your hairs, causing irritation, so quickly! By signing up to our subscription box you will never worry about running out of blades again. Just another item that can be crossed off your to-do list. You’re welcome. And plastic razors pile up too. Billions of disposable razors are thrown away each year, destined for landfill sites all over the world, where they will remain forever. Save the planet a little by using a safety razor as only the blade will need replacing (much less often) and can be recycled. 

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The Personal Barber Shaving Brush | Resin | Vegan - Shop No Plastic

The Personal Barber Shaving Brush | Resin | Vegan

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