Our Swedish Sponge Cloths

Swap out conventional dishcloths and paper towels for our compostable Swedish Sponge Cloth, the epitome of eco-consciousness. Combining functionality and sustainability, it's the ultimate kitchen accessory. Depending on your usage, these sponge cloths remain dependable for 6 to 12 months and can be effortlessly composted, leaving no waste behind!

Our Tea Towels

Our tea towels are designed with everyday use in mind. They're not just a pretty kitchen accessory; they're hardworking too. Featuring a convenient top hook for easy hanging and a generous size, they've got you covered. Embrace functionality, beauty, and sustainability in one package.

Upgrade your kitchen with our Original Ten and Co. Plastic-Free Dishcloth, Swedish Sponge Cloth, and 100% Cotton-Linen Towel Matching Set in the original Fox print. Elevate your daily routines with these eco-conscious kitchen essentials that make a lasting impact while adding charm to your home. Explore our collection today!