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MACK Prevented Ocean Plastic Spray Bottle – 500ml


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Introducing our eco-friendly MACK Spray Bottle - a sustainable choice that checks multiple boxes for the environmentally conscious consumer. Say goodbye to single-use plastic waste by refilling this durable spray bottle with your favourite cleaning products.

Crafted from recycled plastic sourced from coastal areas and beach clean-ups, this bottle not only helps reduce plastic pollution but also supports the recycling efforts of Prevented Ocean Plastic. Its distinctive yellowy tint serves as a visual reminder of its recycled origin, distinguishing it from virgin plastic alternatives.

Designed for repeated use, this value-packed spray bottle features a metal-free locking spray trigger, enhancing its recyclability. What sets it apart is its composition—100% Prevented Ocean Plastic. This innovative material is derived from discarded plastic bottles collected within a 50km (30mi) radius of ocean coastlines and major waterways, minimizing the risk of ocean plastic pollution.

The journey of this Prevented Ocean Plastic begins with local plastic collectors who gather discarded bottles from vulnerable areas. These bottles are then transported to collection centers, where they undergo meticulous sorting and pressing before making their way to state-of-the-art recycling facilities. Adhering to European and North American quality standards, the plastic is thoroughly washed, sanitized, and processed into raw material flakes or pellets. The resulting recycled plastic boasts certified traceability from coastline collection, ensuring transparency and accountability.

By choosing our MACK Spray Bottle, you're not only investing in a durable and reusable cleaning accessory but also contributing to the prevention of ocean plastic pollution. Make an eco-conscious choice today and embrace sustainability with every spray!


About MACK 

Most cleaning products on the market fall into two different camps:

Effective cleaning but include heavy chemicals

Plant based but not always very effective and can be expensive

Biotech cleaning products offer the best of both – they perform effectively, cost less and are not harmful to users or the environment.

The Science behind the BioPods:

So, how do biotech cleaning products work?

In essence, their method of cleaning is called ‘light touch; long term’. The initial clean is mainly done by using enzymes and natural surfactants which are coconut based. These enzymes are produced by bacteria and added into the MACK formula to give the BioPods effective immediate cleaning action which instantly lifts dirt, oil or grease and grime from the surfaces.

Their good bacteria get to work breaking down the dirt and grime which not only makes it easier to dissolve in water, but also gives the natural bacteria some food! This process causes the production of more (good) bacteria, more enzymes, carbon dioxide and water – so nothing harmful at all.

The sprays can be wiped off immediately or left on stubborn stains for a while. But even after being wiped these bacteria and enzymes will have formed a bio film and will continue to clean for up to 28 days. That’s why MACK call them ‘a million little helpers’.

It is important to note that many traditional cleaners, which contain chemicals, will kill the bio film that has built up. As a result, it is important, once you start, to remember to ‘Keep It MACK’!

Whilst MACK is still working in the commercial sector, it is now on a mission to make the MACK range a part of everyone’s domestic cleaning regime. The team is passionate about ocean and seas and supports Sea Shepherd, a non-profit conservation organisation that protects ocean life. MACK has achieved neutralcarbonzone™ certification.

MACK works with Out and About Dorset, a local business that supports the future of young adults with learning difficulties. Working alongside MACK gives the young adults responsibility, job satisfaction, further progresses their social skills, and increases their understanding of how to care for our environment. In exchange for their help making our boxes, MACK supports the club and supply any equipment & days out for the young adults.

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Lynn h. (Glasgow, GB)
Eco bottle

Happy to receive this bottle and looks sturdy and robust . Fit for purpose.

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MACK Prevented Ocean Plastic Spray Bottle – 500ml - Shop No Plastic

MACK Prevented Ocean Plastic Spray Bottle – 500ml

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