World Environment Day - 5th June - Shop NO Plastic

Welcome to WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, an annual event which encourages everyone to do something to protect our mighty planet. Borne out of the catastrophic oil spill disaster in Santa Barbara, America, in 1969, Earth Day was created to bring support and awareness of environmental protection on a global scale.

Wildlife numbers have plunged by more than half in just 40 years as the human population has nearly doubled.

More than 20% of the Amazon rainforest is already gone, and more is severely threatened as the destruction continues. It is estimated that the Amazon alone is vanishing at a rate of 20,000 square miles a year.

Up to eight million tonnes of plastic have poured into the oceans.

Although air pollution has decreased, the World Health Organisation still lists it as the most significant environmental threat to human life.

So what can you do?

Consume less - refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle plastic

Conserve more - save electricity by switching off lights and appliances and switch to green energy. Save water by keeping showers short and turning off taps when cleaning teeth.

Make your voice heard - support an environmental campaign, e.g. Friends of the Earth "Stop chocking our oceans" or WWF.

Look to offset your CO2 - each year, your total annual emissions average 9 tonnes of CO2. Check out

Do your bit for the environment by swapping your daily products for eco-friendly and plastic-free alternatives.

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