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Eco friendly - Yoga Mat - 8mm | Eco friendly | Sensitive Knees - Yoga & Pilates Mats - Kulae - Shop NO Plastic
Eco friendly - Yoga Mat - 8mm | Eco friendly | Sensitive Knees - Yoga & Pilates Mats - Kulae - Shop NO Plastic
Eco friendly - Yoga Mat - 8mm | Eco friendly | Sensitive Knees - Yoga & Pilates Mats - Kulae - Shop NO Plastic

Yoga Mat - 8mm | Eco friendly | Sensitive Knees

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Kulae Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

At eight millimetres thick, this yoga mat is a dream for at-home workouts for anyone with sensitive knees or joints.

At 8 mm thick but still weighing only 2.5 lbs., this is the cushiest of our tpECOmat collection. It is super plush without sacrificing any of the tpECOmat collection's superior grip. 

The Kulae tpECOmatTM is 4 inches longer than a standard yoga mat and has been designed with all styles of yoga and fitness in mind. Constructed using closed-cell technology. Germs, bacteria, and odour cannot penetrate the mat surface!

Our tpECOmats are photodegradable, recyclable, free from phthalates, and RoHS Compliant.

*Colour and embossed pattern may vary slightly from the image.

TPE stands for Thermo-Plastic Elastomer. But don’t let the technical-sounding name fool you! This 100% recyclable and photodegradable composite material, is completely free of PVC, latex, rubber and allergens. Thermo Plastic Elastomer is a non-porous, resilient and highly elastic material, meaning you can stretch it repeatedly without compromising its original shape. Our mats are constructed using closed-cell technology, which makes them impervious to germs, odour and bacteria. The Kulae tpECOmats are extremely lightweight – especially for their level of durability – and will not start to smell over time like rubber mats.


Your tpECOmat should be rolled up and kept in a dry area when not being used. Avoid keeping your mat anywhere inside of hot cars or in direct sunlight to avoid the chance of premature decomposition.


TPE is an extremely clean, scent-free and eco-friendly material that will usually dry off within 20 minutes of cleaning. A simple shower for the mat will do! Hang it over an airer and it’ll dry in a half hour. For a deeper clean, we recommend using a mild cleanser or organic mat cleaning product of your choosing.

Other options:

We also carry this mat in a 3mm and 5mm thickness. The 3mm mat offers perfect for people on the go, and the 5mm mat is perfect for both restorative yoga and Pilates.

From Kulae 

dear yogis,

Our mission is to provide eco-friendly yoga products in order to create a collaborative and inclusive community that inspires a healthy lifestyle.

We know that everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy. Our planet does too. We wish to build a more positive world where yoga can truly be for everybody without taxing our planet. At Kulae, we are on a twofold mission to provide the most stylish and eco-friendly yoga gear on the planet while truly living by our mantra: #realgoodkarma


We believe that karma is real and wish to build a more positive world where yoga can truly be for everyone without taxing our planet. Kulae subscribes to the tenets of kula (community), yoga (to unite), and karma (the net balance of a person’s actions) and sees these elements as the path to a more peaceful, caring, healthy world. We warmly invite you to join Kulae in uniting our collective communities in good karma with the beautiful and constructive practice of yoga.


This planet is the only one we’ve got. We’re deeply committed to protecting our Mother Earth and keeping her in the best condition possible for future generations.


We are all bettered by the betterment of each individual. We are devoted to treating the people we encounter with kindness, respect, and open-mindedness.


Practising good karma is a form of mindfulness of our actions towards other people. It is imperative to us to remain mindful, and create our good karma in ways that really count.


We stand strongest when we stand together – and given the events that have occurred on our world within the past 2 decades at a minimum, we know that especially well. We strive to be inclusive and understanding of all walks of life.