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One Green Bottle Stainless Steel Baby to Toddler Bottle


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Stainless Steel Baby to Toddler Adaptive Bottle 150ml

Sustainable, refillable and reusable!

One bottle, 6 attachments takes baby through from Newborn to Toddler

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  • Perfect Baby Shower Product
  • BPA/BPS free
  • Dishwasher, steriliser and boil wash safe 
  • FDA/BS EN 14350 certified

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Baby Bottle
  • 1 x Slow Flow Teat
  • 2 x Measuring Caps/Covers
  • 1 x Food Jar Lid
  • 1 x Sippy Cap Lid

How to use the Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

This Stainless Steel Baby Bottle adapts as baby develops. Suitable for newborns, interchangeable with proprietary baby teats that have a flat base. We recommend NUK and Pura. Change to faster flow as baby develops.

Use the food jar lid for transporting formula or food when teething. Use a cow-shaped silicone sippy cap for when older babies need a drink.

150ml stainless steel bottle, BPA/BPS free non-leaching polypropylene teat holder ring, 2 measuring cap/covers, food jar lid, silicone sippy cap, silicone rubber slow flow teat

Single-wall stainless steel so you can cool down/heat up safely and easily.

Supplied in stunning gift packaging.  Perfect as a baby shower present.

Dishwasher, steriliser and boil wash safe just take them apart for cleaning and allow to fully cool before reassembly

FDA/BS EN 14350 certified

Click here for details on how you can reduce your baby's exposure to microplastics.


"The One Green Bottle Stainless Steel Baby Bottle is a very cleverly designed product that should be a staple for new parents."


About One Green Bottle 

Voted responsible supplier, eco-friendly product of the year 2022

Onegreenbottle was started in 2006 when I was looking for a drinks bottle for my son to take to school each day. I had worked as an industrial chemist in Europe and Asia and was aware of the chemical composition of plastics and how readily compounds could leach into drinks. I identified 304-grade stainless steel as the most inert, safe and toxin-free material around and started buying bottles and lunchboxes for friends and family.

Huge amounts of plastic single-use bottles are thrown into landfill or our oceans each year. Plastic takes 500yrs to decompose but it does break down into plastic microparticles. We can all make a big difference by not buying single-use plastic bottles. Each plastic bottle of water takes around 2 cups of oil to manufacture, it can leach harmful, toxic chemicals into your drink, it could have been in that bottle for up to 5 years and it could have travelled thousands of miles to get to your supermarket. We only recycle a fraction of disposed plastics. Stainless steel bottles are proven to be the healthiest choice of beverage container.


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Message from our Founder, Debbie Plumridge

By shopping with us, you're not just supporting a small business; you're actively participating in a movement that aims to combat the plastic crisis head-on. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener future.

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Customer Reviews

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The Perfect Baby Shower Product

I bought this as a baby shower present and loved it so much that I bought another for a colleague going onto maternity.

Thank you Deb for taking your time to feedback.

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One Green Bottle Stainless Steel Baby to Toddler Bottle - Shop No Plastic

One Green Bottle Stainless Steel Baby to Toddler Bottle

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