Plastic Free Sponge - Plastic Free Sponge - Shop NO Plastic
Plastic Free Sponge - Plastic Free Sponge - Shop NO Plastic
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Plastic Free Sponge

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Plastic Free Sponge

100% NATURAL SPONGE: These Zero Waste  ECO SPONGES are made with a premium blend of plant-based fibre (sisal) and cellulose, completely biodegradable and compostable. By using these Zero Waste eco-friendly products, you’re helping save landfills from non-degradable sponges, keeping the planet much safer.

EXCELLENT SCRUBBING POWER:  Each kitchen sponge features 2 sides; a soft, absorbent cellulose sponge and hard, tough sisal (agave) scouring pads. These plastic-free kitchen sponges save you time and effort dishwashing, scrubbing pots, cleaning walls, windows etc.

MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING: This kitchen sponge effortlessly and efficiently removes dirt and grease from your dishes, pans, sinks, stovetops, pots, bathroom, garage, appliances and more, saving you both time and effort. Made to withstand months of daily cleaning WITHOUT falling apart. Pack of 3.

CLEANS WITHOUT SCRATCHING: These biodegradable eco sponge won’t leave marks or scratches on your precious item. A natural sponge of your choice for your delicate and expensive non-stick pans, china, stainless steel items, glassware as well as your anodized and ceramic surfaces. 

WON’T COLLECT BAD SMELL: Fed up of kitchen sponge that starts producing bad smell after a few uses? Made of safe, and environmental plant-based materials with a breathable design, these eco-friendly zero waste natural sponges are fast drying and don’t collect bacteria that cause bad odour like plastic and cloth sponges.   


Cleaning is an essential task in every household and having the right kitchen sponge is key. That’s why this zero waste eco-friendly product is a must-have in every kitchen of any environment conscience homeowner.  

Made for fast and effective kitchen cleaning, this multi-purpose scrubbing sponges features a soft, super absorbent, non-abrasive eco sponge side that effectively collects and wipes away all dirt, grime, grease and particles from the items you’re cleaning. And a tough scouring pad to tackle all tough cleaning chores like washing floors, walls and scrubbing pots. 

Perfect for washing dishes, scrubbing pots, cleaning floors, countertops, sinks, stovetops, bathtubs, windows and work surfaces. Safe and non-scratchy.
Won’t harbor or transfer bad smells or bacteria in your kitchen even with repeated use, making it safe and healthy for your family.  

A Natural and Environment-Friendly Cleaning Alternative

Let’s face it the ocean and landfills are filled with plastics and other materials that take hundreds if not thousands of years to degrade. By choosing to use zero-waste eco-friendly natural sponges, you are making a significant contribution in making the planet a better place.  

Our cellulose sponges are 100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. After their service life, you can dispose of them without the guilt associated with disposing of plastic scrubbers.