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Path & Patio Cleaner 500ml Refillable Aluminium Bottle

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Plastic Free Organic Path & Patio Cleaner

Reduce plastic today with our Organic Path & Patio Cleaner in a lightweight aluminium life bottle.

An all-natural product, made from plant-based organic ingredients. Effective, safe and eco-friendly. Good for patios, paths and all external hard floorings.

Removes dirt, grime and algae. Safe natural ingredients so no toxic runoff to harm you, your pets or the environment.


  • Plastic-free 500ml refillable Aluminium Squeeky Life bottle
  • All Natural plant and mineral-based ingredients.
  • No more shipping water, reduced carbon emissions from transport.
  • Pet safe, cruelty-free, Vegan, Peta Approved. Made in the UK.
  • Effective and safe, good for you and the planet, no toxic chemicals.
  • Independently tested for effective antimicrobial activity (BS EN1650/BS EN1276).

Clean your home with our Organic Path & Patio Cleaner. Don't delay, order yours today!

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  1. The surface area must be dry before using this product 
  2. The application should be allowed to activate for at least 6 hours. rainfall will neutralise efficancy
  3. Add 250ml of concentrate to 10 litres of water.
  4. Spray or brush over the area to be treated evenly, a second application may be necessary if the area is heavily soiled
  5. Once the process is complete the algae colour will remain for a short while before discolouring
  6. Algae growth will have been addressed stopping algae growth
  7. Reapplication will depend on weather conditions and the season. Visual inspection required
  8. Will not affect Ph level of soil where the product comes into contact

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Aqua (Demin), Citric Acid (hydrus), Sodium Bicarbonate, Acetic Acid (hydrus), Sodium Chloride, R007 Castile (compound)

Important Information:

Store in a cool dry place.

Please keep out of reach of children. Better safe than sorry.

Always test in a secret place first if in doubt.

You should always read the label and instructions before using the product.

If you have any queries or issues on this product or want more information on your order Talk to Us'


  • General – In all cases of doubt, or when symptoms persist, seek medical attention. Show label where possible. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

  • Inhalation – No specific treatment is necessary as the material is not likely to be hazardous by inhalation. Move to fresh air if inhalation causes eye watering, headaches, dizziness or other discomfort.

  • Skin contact – No specific treatment is necessary as the material is not likely to be hazardous by skin contact. If irritation occurs wash thoroughly with soap and copious amounts of water. Remove contaminated clothing and consult a physician. Eye contact – Flush immediately with large amounts of water, especially under lids for at least 15 minutes. If irritation or other effects persist, obtain medical treatment.

  • Ingestion – If swallowed in quantity, obtain medical treatment

  • Product is not classified as toxic to the environment. However, care should be taken not to allow large spills to enter into drains or watercourses. pH 8