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Compostable Dog Poo Bags - 60 Bags

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Compostable Poo Bags

Big, strong and home compostable. These poo bags are made from natural plant-based materials. 

Did you know that every day 17 million poops are deposited by Great British dogs? Beco Bags are big, strong and home compostable. They help to prevent any nasty 'hand through bag' incidents and reduce your dog's impact on the planet. 

These dog bags do not contain any plastic and are certified as 100% compostable.

If you choose to compost our dog bags, they will decompose completely within 40 days leaving no harmful substances behind.

We only stock environmentally safe brands of the highest quality, integrity, and eco-friendliness. These compostable dog bags are no exception. Manufactured using vegetable starch with zero plastic. The BioBag range of compostable bags is far superior to competitor brands that claim to have compostable products that may not be completely compostable.

The compostable dog waste bags we stock are certified to the highest standard: AIB Vinçotte (OK Compost) and European Standard EN 7P2045.