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Eco friendly - Elegant Double-Edged Safety Razor with 10 blades - Razor - Aphrodite - Shop NO Plastic

Elegant Double-Edged Safety Razor with 10 blades

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Double-Edged Safety Razor

How bad is your disposable razor for the environment?  

Disposable plastic razors are made from mixed materials and their sharp nature is hazardous, hence they clog up landfill sites. The manufacturing process is complex and costly. What’s more, they are often sold in unnecessary blister plastic packaging - the kind that causes severe ‘wrap rage’ due to its impossibility to get into without a small toolkit and an inhuman level of patience.

In 2018 approximately 5.5 million people in the UK were using disposable razors. It doesn’t take much to work out that that is a vast amount of plastic being used and then thrown away each week. 

Our reusable, eco-friendly razor is designed to be elegant yet effortlessly efficient. Its curved shape makes it easy to hold and control every stroke, with the help of a weighted handle to provide the perfect pressure for closer and smoother shaves. 

  • A single, stainless steel blade to provide an irritation and ingrown hair free shave.
  • An elegant, curved shape with a weighted zinc handle for optimum pressure and control.
  • A fine comb to ensure a good guard against the blade to prevents cuts and whilst enabling the razor to easily glide on the skin.
  • A long handle, so you can reach every part of your body.
  • A thinner, more elegant look with a more sophisticated shave experience.
  • A luxurious, shiny Rose Gold finish. 
  • 10 blades


Replacement blades are available from all supermarkets and chemists.