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Reusable Bamboo Safety Razor

Jungle Culture
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Our DE double edged bamboo safety razors are precision engineered and perfectly weighted to provide a seamless zero waste shaving experience. Each reusable razor is equipped with a unique long handle bamboo grip for comfort, and a stainless steel safety guard to prevent cuts and irritation.

Our sustainable razor sets all come packaged plastic-free in a stunning, bespoke designed kraft paper gift box, accompanied by one of our trademark natural jute travel pouches.

Safety razors make the perfect sustainable gift for women or men, but we understand that making a change can be daunting.

Set Contains:
1 x Reusable bamboo safety razor
1 x Organic jute travel pouch
1 x Kraft paper gift box

Please note: This item does not include razor blades.


The perfect sustainable present for him or her. Vegan friendly and zero waste.
Comfortable, weighted long bamboo handle – ideal for beginners.
Unisex razor. Perfect as a men’s razor or a women’s razor
Comes with a kraft paper gift box and unique natural jute travel bag
DE Double edge safety razor – One blade fits all