World Earth Day 50th Anniversary - 22nd April 2020 - Shop NO Plastic

Earth Day is a worldwide movement, established back in 1970, with the objective to spread awareness about environmental protection.

To mark the 50th anniversary, the Earth Day movement planned a "Great Global Clean Up", the largest environmental volunteer event in history.

However, with the coronavirus restrictions in place, this year's event will be a fully digital affair.

Instead of attending large scale events, people are being asked to visit the Earth Day website on 22 April to discover "24 hours of actions that you can take, right now and from wherever you are." 

There are also simple ways that you can help to make a big difference throughout the year:

  • Adopt the four Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 
  • Volunteer for clean-ups on the streets, parks or beaches.  If you have kids also check out
  • Pay attention to how much water you are using
  • Walk or cycle whenever possible 
  • Reduce the amount of solid waste you produce by composting.  Why not check out our compostable bin and poo bags?
  • Turn off lights when you’re not in the room and turn off appliances when not in use
  • Plant a tree 
  • Buy a bag for life 
  • Ditch the plastic straws for reusable straws as they contribute greatly to the plastic waste in our oceans

Join me and celebrate this wonderful world we live in and learn a little about how you can take action to reduce your impact on the environment. Happy Earth Day.